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Company profile

JingQi(Tianjin) technology Co., Ltd is a company who commite to provide professional industry automation solution. The company has a complete set of product processing equipment, inspection equipment, and rich experience in product development.

Main products:

Circular connector, Data connector, Valve connector, Splitter, Junction box, Push-pull connector, D-SUB, Mil-spec connector, Vision connector, Servo moto connector, OEM customized products.

1572498841999513.png Circular connector:

M5, M8, M12, M16, M17, M23, M40, 7/8”, 1-3/8" 

1572498841999513.png Data connector

ProfiNet/EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, Profibus-DP, CC-LINK 

1572498841999513.png Valve connector: 

Type A(18mm), Type A(18mm)with Ground, Type B(10 mm), Type BI(11 mm), Type C(8 mm), Type CI(9.4 mm) 

1572498841999513.png Splitter:

Mini splitter(Y type), Companct splitter(Y type), Splitter、T-splitter

1572498841999513.png Junction box:

M5 junction box, M8 junction box, M12 junction box, 7/8” junction box 

1572498841999513.png Push-Pull connector:

Pre-molding connector, Receptacle, Field wireable connector(M12-ACODE、M12-DCODE、M12-XCODE) 

1572498841999513.png D-SUB: 

Pre-molding、Panel mounting、Field wireable (solder terminal, crimping terminal), Hoods(9、15、25、37、44、50PIN) 

1572498841999513.pngVision conntecor:

Keyence, Cognex, Omron, Siemens, BASLER, SICK, Sony, Daheng-imagin... 

1572498841999513.pngServo motor connector:

Siemens, SEW, Beckhoff, AB, Heidenhain, Lenze, B&R automation, Mitubish, Yashawa, Panasonic, Delta, Omron, Fanuc...

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a4.pngBuilding E88, No.1 Sizhidao Rd., Xiqing University Industrial Zone, Tianjin,300382,P.R. China 
a5.pngTEL:+86 22 83952588


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