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What are the applications of spot welding technology?


What are the applications of spot welding technology?With the rapid development of domestic industrial science and technology, the welding industry is not willing to lag behind, but also develop "super fast".In today's industrial development, the application of spot welding technology is more and more important.Below, let small make up for you to answer: for energy storage welding machine welding, in the end which principles are indispensable:



1. Before the energy storage welding machine is put into operation, check the electrical equipment, operating mechanism and cooling system for leakage. If so, it must be replaced immediately.

2. If it is high-altitude welding, its operators must take protective measures and have professional supervision around.

3. The protective appliances used also need to be maintained, such as protective clothing, protective goggles, protective gloves, etc.

4, do not arbitrarily change the machine structure or change its specifications, if necessary, can contact its sales company.

5. During internal maintenance, the welding power supply and the power switch of the control device must be turned off.

6. The electrode head shall be repaired and shaped from time to time, and shall be replaced if necessary, and the power switch of the control device shall be turned off at the same time.


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