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What are the application fields of industrial welding machines?


Welders are electrical appliances that provide certain power sources for welding. Welding is flexible, simple, convenient, solid, and reliable. After welding, even the advantages of the same strength as the base metal are widely used in various industrial fields, such as aerospace, ships, automobiles, containers, etc. An electric welding machine is actually a transformer with external characteristics. It converts 220V and 380V AC power into low-voltage DC power. Generally, electric welding machines can be divided into two types according to the type of output power. One is AC power; It's DC.工业自动化设备

The DC welding machine can also be said to be a high-power rectifier, divided into positive and negative poles. When AC power is input, the transformer is rectified by the transformer, and then the cold welding machine is rectified by the rectifier, and then the power supply with external characteristics is reduced. The output end is connected. When it is disconnected, a huge voltage change will occur. The two poles ignite the arc when the short circuit occurs. The generated arc is used to melt the welding electrode and the welding material. After cooling, the purpose of combining them is achieved. Welding transformers have their own characteristics. The external characteristic is the characteristic that the voltage drops sharply after the electrode is ignited.


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