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What are the inspections of industrial automation machinery?


What are the inspections of industrial automation machinery?

Tear test:

This is a commonly used simple and convenient method for on-site industrial inspection. The material grade, thickness, surface preparation, and welding specifications of the test piece are the same as those of the weldment. During the inspection, the shape and diameter of the solder joint after tearing off the test piece To judge the quality of welding.

After the tear test, check the joints left on the plate on one side. The diameter or width of the joints should meet the requirements of the inspection standard. For military products, the first-level standard requires 95% of each batch of tear test pieces. The solder joints are torn in the shape of a button, and the remaining 5% of the solder joints can be torn in the melting area of the bonding surface, but the size of the melting area is at least 80% of the average size of the button. Reduce appropriately.


Low magnification test:

The purpose of low magnification inspection is to determine the existence of defects such as the nugget diameter, penetration rate, indentation depth, macro shrinkage, and cracks of the joint. During the inspection, the test piece is cut from the center of the joint horizontally or longitudinally. After polishing and corrosion, use a magnifying glass with a reading below 20 times to observe.

Generally, the penetration rate must not be less than 20% of the thickness of the plate and not more than 80% of the thickness of the plate. For low magnification inspection, 2-3 test pieces should be prepared, and the last welding point of the spot welding sample should not be taken as the low magnification test piece.

Low magnification inspection allows the limits of pores, shrinkage holes and cracks in the nugget to be allowed. For example, in aviation welding, the diameter of pores and shrinkage holes in the nugget is allowed to be 0.5mm, and it is not allowed. Cracks and splatters.

When cutting low-power test pieces, care should be taken to avoid overheating and deformation of the metal, and to ensure that the surface of the abrasive sheet coincides with the center of the solder joint to achieve the true nugget diameter of the solder joint.

The composition of the corrosive solution of the abrasive sheet should be based on the selection of the metal material. The low depth inspection can also determine the depth of the indentation of the electrode. Generally, the depth of the indentation on the spot welding point is not more than 20% of the thickness of the plate.


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