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What are the precautions for industrial electric welding machine?


What are the precautions for industrial electric welding machine?

Spot welding machines are divided into general-purpose and special-purpose according to their applications; single-point, double-point, and multi-point according to the number of simultaneous welding points; single-sided and double-sided according to conductive methods; According to the transmission mode of the pressurizing mechanism, there are foot, motor-cam, pneumatic, hydraulic, and composite (pneumatic and hydraulic); according to the operating characteristics, there are non-automatic and automatic; according to the installation method There are fixed, mobile or portable (suspended); according to the moving direction of the movable electrode (usually the upper electrode) of the welding machine, there are vertical stroke (the electrode moves linearly), circular stroke; according to the supply of electrical energy The methods are divided into industrial frequency welding machines (using 50 Hz AC power supply), pulse welding machines (DC pulse welding machines, energy storage welding machines, etc.) and inverter welding machines (such as low frequency welding machines). When the workpiece and the electrode are constant, the resistance of the workpiece depends on its resistivity.


Therefore, resistivity is an important property of the material being welded. Metals with high resistivity have poor conductivity (such as stainless steel) and metals with low resistivity have good conductivity (such as aluminum alloy). Therefore, it is difficult to produce heat when spot welding stainless steel, and it is difficult to dissipate heat. It is difficult to produce heat when spot welding aluminum alloy. Million amps).


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