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What should I pay attention to in industrial automation production?


What should I pay attention to in industrial automation production?

In the industrial production process, many equipments are used for actual production. Spot welding machine is a very important welding equipment. During the use, we should operate correctly to ensure the physical and mental health of the personnel. During the initial installation, we must follow the installation instructions. During the use, the usual maintenance work is also very important.


When the spot welding machine fails, professional maintenance personnel must be maintained. In the actual use process, the lead set of the spot welder should not be too long, otherwise it will bring bad influence when the voltage is not high.

In the process of using the spot welder, the welding hand must wear gloves and protective glasses to prevent Mars from splashing onto our body during operation and causing injury to the body.

Before using the device, first check whether there are some debris on the surface of the device. In addition, check the corresponding parts after turning on the device, for example, to see if the tightening screws are loose.

During the use of the spot welder, we need to regularly perform maintenance and maintenance work on it. First of all, we should check whether the various parts are connected correctly. Lubricating oil is added to the frequently moving parts, so as to ensure the free movement of each component. During the use of the welding machine, we must pay attention to voltage issues. Equipped with a voltage regulator should be a good approach.

The maintenance of the electrode of the spot welder was also very important at that time. The shape and material of the motor have a significant impact on the operator. Always pay attention to the surface oxide treatment of the rig, so as to have a safer effect.


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