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Which one is better for automated machinery?


Which one is better for automated machinery?

Highly flexible towline cable, designed for cyclic reciprocating bending installation under tank chain towline or other similar portable parts. For different use environments and occasions, there are different design requirements for the design and selection of highly flexible towline cables. So what are the specific requirements for the design of a highly flexible towline cable?

● High flexibility:

Highly flexible cable for e-chain system is different from ordinary flexible cable. It has excellent flexibility and bending resistance and can be used for long-term cyclic reciprocating bending. Therefore, this type of cable not only needs to be flexible, but also needs to be insulated and sheathed. The material selection also needs to have excellent mechanical properties to adapt to the long-term movement and bending of the cable;


● Bending radius:

The bending radius is mainly affected by the cable structure and cable outer diameter, which also makes the cable suitable for towline systems with different bending radii. The unsuitable bending radius of the drag chain shell will directly affect the service life of the cable. Jia flex cable production design of highly flexible towline cable bending radius can reach 7.5 times the cable outer diameter, cable adaptability;

● Functional requirements:

Highly flexible towline cables are mainly used as power transmission, control connection or flexible signal transmission feedback cables. Different use functions have different requirements for cables, such as cable impedance performance, anti-attenuation performance, anti-interference performance and signal Transmission stability, etc.

● Environmental adaptability:

This type of cable can not only be applied to the towline and tank chain systems in the conventional indoor environment, but also in the environment with many oily and corrosive indoor environments and the outdoor environment. Meeting environmental requirements is also one of the important design requirements for cables here.

In summary, the high-quality and highly flexible towline cable guarantees the quality of the cable from the material selection, process and the entire production process at the beginning of the design. For industrial and mining enterprises, industrial equipment and devices, industrial automation and other occasions, high-quality and highly flexible towline cables are very necessary。


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