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Take you to know industrial connectors


The main electrical performance of industrial connectors summarizes the resistance during contact, the insulation resistance and electrical strength of the connector.


(1) Contact resistance; high-performance and high-quality connectors have low contact resistance and stable operation after contact. The contact resistance of the connector ranges from several ohms to tens of ohms.

(2) Insulation resistance; an index to measure the insulation performance between the contact parts of the connector and the contact housing, the number of which ranges from several hundred megohms to several gigaohms.

(3) Electric strength; also known as withstand voltage and dielectric withstand point, is a manifestation of the rated value of the withstand voltage between the connector contacts and the shell.

(4) the remaining electrical performance. Evaluation of the electromagnetic interference leakage on the connector's battery interference effect has also revealed some new electrical indicators.


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