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How to view the automation transformation created by industrial robots


The widespread adoption of industrial robots has promoted the implementation of automated production. Industrial robots tirelessly perform a variety of simple and repetitive tasks, which effectively improves labor productivity and reduces production costs. Industrial automation production has been deeply integrated into various fields, and people's lives will be more convenient.

With the development of electronic technology, machines and equipment are becoming more and more advanced and intelligent, which makes people see their development prospects, and the interest in robots in various fields is also increasing. In the manufacturing industry, robots and industrial automation are also rapidly developing. In the past, robots were mainly used in the automotive field. Nowadays, industrial robots have been popularized and applied in other manufacturing industries. We learned in Dongguan, Guangdong that last year was led by the Dongguan Bureau of Economics and Information Technology, and Guangdong Topstar Enterprise, as the speaker unit, in more than 30 towns and cities, highlighted the production advantages of core technologies such as high-speed servo manipulators and non-standard automation This has greatly promoted the pace of the transformation and upgrading of machines from traditional production and manufacturing to industrial automation.


At present, more and more traditional manufacturing companies will gradually replace their production with robots. Industrial robots will continue to spread and gradually integrate into people's daily lives. Automatic production is carried out in various fields. Various manipulators, injection molding machines, stamping machines, conveyors, etc. are constantly appearing in front of everyone's eyes, which will facilitate production and make our lives more comfortable.


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