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What changes will industrial automation bring to us


Our current industrial production can be simplified into industrial equipment and control systems. The control system can guarantee the industrial automation production, but the automated production can't cope with two production demands at the same time. The production of personalized custom products has become a trend, which requires that the underlying industrial equipment can process different products, so not only industrial equipment but also control systems need to be intelligent.

At present, an enterprise's automated process can set production parameters in advance and deploy an automated production line. But such automation cannot meet the needs of customized and flexible production. The current industrial production is a system of human-machine collaboration, which requires people to collect information from information systems first, then obtain information based on perception and cognitive functions, and analyze and make decisions on the obtained information.


If artificial intelligence can be given in the industrial production process, these three tasks can be achieved. The first is to comprehensively perceive and recognize the diversified information of the working conditions; secondly, the robot can cooperate with the decision of the management layer, production layer and operation layer; finally, it can automatically control the control system of the equipment according to the optimization of the comprehensive production indicators of the enterprise. 


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