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How can companies use robots to achieve industrial automation?


Affected by intelligent manufacturing, more and more manufacturing companies are aware of the importance of transformation. The emergence of robots can be said to play an important role in the transformation of enterprises. The application of robots can help enterprises to improve production efficiency and work. With the improvement of quality, the manufacturing and production tend to be automated and intelligent. Then the question also arises. How should enterprises use robots to realize automation?


For a company that is exposed to automation, it is often considered that it is the key to automation because of robot performance factors. We cannot say that this is wrong, but in fact, this statement is more one-sided and specific. what's going on?

How to choose a robot first? In fact, in the opinion of the editor, the most important thing is to understand what to do with industrial robots, that is, the purpose. Each industry has very professional robots, such as welding robots, cutting robots, spraying robots, stamping robots, etc. There are corresponding professional robots available. To determine the application range, you need to determine the model you need based on the parameters of the robot.

Regardless of the type of enterprise, they are very "favorite" for collaborative robots. According to the predictive analysis of the International Robot Federation, by 2025, collaborative robots or Will account for about 35% of global robot sales. Among them, the collaborative robot market in the Asia-Pacific region is expected to surpass the European market in 2025 and become a global market. So does the demand for collaborative robots increase as demand increases? What should I know about this?

Generally speaking, enterprise users are looking forward to better ways to make money, so when collaborative robots appear, they will think how to choose a better collaborative robot? It should be known that reducing costs, efficient production, and process automation are the most promising production links for most enterprises. Once this link is successfully established, it will bring greater competitive advantages to enterprise development.

But how exactly do you understand automation? In fact, it is very simple. The so-called automation is no longer only applicable to mass production. Even for small and medium-sized enterprises today, they can still carry out production. At this time, the introduction of collaborative robots is needed. Many companies do n’t understand why they have to automate? Wouldn't it be nice to keep the original production model? Then the editor wanted to ask, in the face of increasingly fierce market competition, how do you protect yourself from being eliminated?

In fact, for all companies, setting automation goals is a tool that can help companies achieve their goals. Selecting suitable and flexible tools and advanced intelligent accessories will help reduce the cost of deployment of automation solutions and save installation and reinstallation time. Therefore, the collaboration and coverage of the entire automation process can be improved to a certain extent.


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