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Do you know that industrial automation is the same as what I know?


The literal meaning of industrial automation is very easy to understand, that is, the automatic control and automatic adjustment devices are widely used in industrial production to replace the manual operation of machines and machine systems for processing and production. In simple terms, you can use the machine to complete some repetitive tasks.

But is it really as simple as it is understood? certainly not. Industrial automation is divided into five categories: intelligent manufacturing, multi-agents, whole subsystems, hot technology, and warehouse automation. The latter four can be understood, because those may be regarded as some technical problems in industrial automation. But intelligent manufacturing is actually a category in industrial automation.


Baidu explained that intelligent manufacturing is a human-machine integrated intelligent system composed of intelligent machines and human experts. It can perform intelligent activities in the manufacturing process, such as analysis, reasoning, judgment and conception. And decision making. By cooperating with humans and intelligent machines, we can expand, extend and partially replace the mental work of human experts in the manufacturing process. It extends the concept of manufacturing automation to flexible, intelligent, and highly integrated.

At the same time, I saw such information on major recruitment websites, such as Shike Jobs. The classification of enterprises is generally like this, industrial automation production, automation equipment, CNC machine tools, industrial informatization, industrial interconnection / Internet of things, industrial robots, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent production and other production type enterprises.


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